Colon Care On TV33

Colon Care Centre Featured In TV33 Jenny Yang, founder and owner of Colon Care Centre was just recently featured on TV33 for a series of health talks on Gut health.She spoke about the importance of regular colon cleansing as a preventive maintenance care for your health, the benefits derived from colon hydrotherapy and why we…

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Let’s Hear It From Our Clients!

Here’s what some of our clients have to share: “I get the colon cleanse treatment done once a month and have been doing so since 2009. It takes 40 minutes for the treatment to run its course and during that time you have complete control over the process as you’re alone in a private room….

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Price Increase In March

Dear Valued Clients, We have in the past 7 years avoided increasing the price of our services. However , due to the high cost of maintenance and imported supplies expenses, we are slightly increasing the prices of some of our services by 7-10%. The price increase will take effect 1st of March 2017. In an…

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