Diseases Connected To An Unhealthy Colon

Maintaining a healthy Colon is so very important. So much of the food we consume today contains so many additives and involves such a process. Over the years our Colon builds up a lot of toxic waste that wasn’t properly eliminated. When we end up with this build up, it stops our large intestines from…

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It’s That Time Of The Year Again For Detox!

Summer is almost here; get that body of yours into shape.Have your colon hydrotherapy with a sauna and feel good! Colon cleansing can help improve your body’s overall health and wellness, and may even reduce your risks for colon cancer. As the colon is cleansed, it pushes waste through your system, clearing the way for…

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Wyndi’s Detox Experience

Just sharing the experience of one of our client : One of my learnings over these past few months has been the importance of detoxification. Our bodies have a number of ways to eliminate waste and toxins, however they are not always as efficient as they can be. Since my last surgery I haven’t been…

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