Wyndi’s Detox Experience

Just sharing the experience of one of our client : One of my learnings over these past few months has been the importance of detoxification. Our bodies have a number of ways to eliminate waste and toxins, however they are not always as efficient as they can be. Since my last surgery I haven’t been…

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Winter Promotion 2018

Limited Offer : Winter Promotions 2018 IMMUNE Booster Pack: 1Colonic + 1Sauna for only $ 143.00 Booster Plus Pack: 3 colonics + 3 saunas @ $420 And For every 4 session package of colonics @ $388, get a free Zen Chi and MRS

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Flitered Water For Your Sauna!

Filtered water for you! To our sauna clients, GOOD NEWS !! . We have upgraded our water system. Starting this March, you shower after your sauna with filtered water. After studying the many benefits of filtered water as well as requests from our valued clients,we have taken the steps to maximize the detox you came…

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