Raffle Promo

Due to popular demand , we have extended our raffle to Christmas!   Join now and double your chances of winning. Ask us how. Raffle Promotion    (Effective 15 July – 23 December 2017) 1st Prize $1000 package of 12 colonics + 1 sauna + 1 Bio cleanse 2nd Prize $748 package of 8 sessions…

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It’s Springtime Cleaning Once Again!

Chase the blues away by doing a good gut cleanse! It’s springtime soon, have a colon hydrotherapy session to help jump-start the new season! Have you heard of “serotonin”? The happiness hormone? Do you know that approximately 95% of your body’s serotonin is produced in your belly? The predominant site of serotonin synthesis, storage, and…

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Colon Care On TV33

Colon Care Centre Featured In TV33 Jenny Yang, founder and owner of Colon Care Centre was just recently featured on TV33 for a series of health talks on Gut health.She spoke about the importance of regular colon cleansing as a preventive maintenance care for your health, the benefits derived from colon hydrotherapy and why we…

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