Diseases Connected To An Unhealthy Colon

Maintaining a healthy Colon is so very important. So much of the food we consume today contains so many additives and involves such a process. Over the years our Colon builds up a lot of toxic waste that wasn’t properly eliminated. When we end up with this build up, it stops our large intestines from absorbing water, electrolytes, and vitamins that it is supposed to absorb.
It also stops it from moving things along properly. Your large intestines move waste along by a process called peristalsis. When there is a thick build up, it can’t contract as well and those muscles lose strength. They get lazy. Peristalsis is also responsible for massaging all of your surround organs as well! Another thing that happens is when there is build of of toxins, those toxins cause issues and weaknesses in the bowel, that allow for those toxins to leak back into your body, and cause harm to other parts of your body. Your liver has to work extra hard and so does the rest of your body. This is called leaky gut and is far more common then you think.
Colon cleanse is a way to kick start your healthy gut journey. Get rid of that extra waste just sitting there for no reason. And feel free to call or email us for any questions you may have ?