It’s Springtime Cleaning Once Again!

Chase the blues away by doing a good gut cleanse!

It’s springtime soon, have a colon hydrotherapy session to help jump-start the new season!

Have you heard of “serotonin”? The happiness hormone? Do you know that approximately 95% of your body’s serotonin is produced in your belly?

The predominant site of serotonin synthesis, storage, and release is the enterochromaffin cells of the intestinal mucosa (lining of the intestines).

Serotonin is a chemical known as neurotransmitters which plays a key role in regulating MOOD and normal gut function and sensation.

Colon hydrotherapy has been shown to stimulate gut serotonin and directly affect the Vagus nerve which accounts for the fact that a colonic generally leaves someone feeling peaceful, uplifted and clear headed.

So come on and book yourself a colonic today and experience rejuvenation!