Let’s Hear It From Our Clients!

Here’s what some of our clients have to share:

“I get the colon cleanse treatment done once a month and have been doing so since 2009. It takes 40 minutes for the treatment to run its course and during that time you have complete control over the process as you’re alone in a private room. The machine is like a bed and has a very comfortable leather cushion to support your back so you can sit back relax and release ? There is a bell so if you need assistance or feeling uncomfortable help is only a second away. The feeling is a little intense at first and I usually get goose bumps but that’s from the toxins leaving your body. Afterwards you feel amazing and my stomach is nice and empty! I then top my session off with an infrared sauna afterwards which is great you burn 1000 calories in one session!! There’s shower facilities so I always pack my smellies to freshen up after. You come away feeling so light and happy every cell in your body is alive and kicking! This is my monthly treat and I look forward to it every time… It’s my me time! – Jody H.

Shaquelle’s story

I had been struggling with serious health issues for the last four years. Starting with the diagnosis of Chronic Hepatitis C (contracted through a blood transfusion). I was told that without being able to get on the “Auckland Drug Trial Clinical Programme” I would have three to five years of life left, maximum! Fortunately, I was lucky enough to get on the trial programme. I was treated with extreme drugs (including Chemotherapy) to cure what once was an incurable disease. As a result of these heavy drugs, my immune system was shot and my body simply did not cope.

My blood markers were completely out of balance, leading them to test for Leukaemia. My nervous system was failing and they thought I may have a stroke. This was treated with yet another medication for the nervous system. Just as I thought my health would return, my bowel decided to stop working and I was diagnosed with Chronic Constipation and Diarrhoea Overflow. This latest condition was treated medically for 7 months with no relief. My bowel problem had been debilitating, I had to wearnappies most days; whilst managing to keep it together on the outside I had personally been humiliated, embarrassed and driven to the end of my tether.

The next big hope was the colonoscopy; but even this made no difference. The surgeon removed 5 large Polyps,I was also diagnosed with Diverticulosis.Another hospital visit (number nine in 2015) a Cyst was found in my Liver. Neither the Cyst nor the Diverticulosis could be treated. My Doctor had no idea if my bowel would be able to be cured,she has already treated me without success. My serious illness was not an easy thing for me to accept,my hopes were down, yet I thought I would try one last thing, it was my only chance at not being cut open and having my body permanently changed forever, by having to have the “bag”.

I looked up ‘colon cleanse’ and found Colon Care Centre. I was in serious pain. Libby Santos was so caring and welcoming and so were all staff members. So, I started treatment. At first there were no major changes. Although everyone was attentive, and kind, I could not help but think, that maybe I really was ‘too far gone’ for these treatments to work.

I rang Libby one day to explain that I was still in chronic pain, and that my bowel had not started to move. I was crying and distressed. Libby in her usual caring, convincing manner, suggested that I could try her acupuncture with the colon cleanse. She explained her great success with this method in the Philippines. Reluctantly, I agreed to try acupuncture, although in the back of my mind, I was still not convinced that this would work for me.

Well, it was like a miracle! After the first acupuncture treatment, followed with a colon cleanse, I for the first time, released a lot of toxic waste. I felt better immediately. Afterwards Libby was so happy for me. We planned together several more sessions in close succession. Every time, more and more was released. Then one day, I was able to have a normal bowel movement on my own.No medication!

I still need on-going treatments, however I am no longer in chronic pain. I know now that with a little more effort and time, my bowel will return to normal. A far cry from the operation the medical professionals told me was imminent.

How do you thank someone who saved your life? Libby’s magical endless care, love and support allowed me to be whole again. Physically, mentally and spiritually cured. No longer in pain my smile and zest for life returned.Words will never be enough to explain how grateful I am. May God Bless you Libby Santos and Colon Care Centre for the incredible work you do. Thank you – Thank you – Thank you – Arohanui xxx.