Merry Christmas and Happy new Year

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!
Thank you for letting us into your life and giving us the opportunity to help with your wellbeing and health matters of all kind!

A very challenging year comes to its end. For some of us the pandemic was not much of a challenge, some even called it a blessing in many ways. Others were affected differently, some struggled mentally, emotionally, even physically, and often economically – despite of all the help from the government.
Many reasons and need to boost your immune system with Colonics, Infrared Sauna and BioCleanse.

Gladly and gratefully we managed to keep all our great staff, and as a business, came back to a new normal soon after the lockdowns, able to attend to your needs again. We are here to serve you! Knowing from you all, how much of a difference our services have made, is our greatest reward!
Word of mouth is our only marketing strategy – so it is your recommendation to friends and family which keeps us in business and is most appreciated.

When planning your bookings, please be aware:
Our clinic will be closed for 2 weeks during the Christmas holiday period:
Last business day of 2020: Wednesday 23rd December 2020 (usually closed on Wednesdays)
First business day of 2021: Thursday 7th January 2021

We value our relationship with you very much and are looking forward to care for you when you come to care for yourself.
We wish you a very happy Holiday Season and a New Year filled with peace and prosperity.
May you be safe, healthy and happy!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year – looking forward to seeing you all again in 2021 
Love from Jenny and the CCC Team 