Happy Client Stories

During her 2009 NZ tour Roberta Flack (the famous American R&B singer, "Killing Me Softly With His Song") used our services several times. We happily remained open late on Saturday and Sunday morning to allow her to get 3 treatments before heading back to New York.

Roberta was extremely impressed with our system and asked if we could open a clinic in New York so Roberta and her celebrity associates could use our method of colon care treatment. We are certainly thrilled with Roberta's endorsement of our clinic.

     Here is Roberta Flack's testimonial:

Dearest Jenny, my experience with you was so good and so good for me. The technique and equipment you use for internal cleansing is so important. I have been enjoying colon therapy for 25 years and never experienced anything like what you offer. May you continue to heal and save lives.

A.A, (26)

- Auckland

Colon Care Centre has honestly changed my life!!

I would consider myself to live a relatively healthy life, as I try to eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, drink lots of water and prioritise exercise. However, I have always had digestive problems, even when increasing my fibre intake (kiwifruit, prunes, Metamucil, dates) and taking particular notice of my diet. Nothing has seemed to help, and I can never wear tight clothing as my stomach swells after eating or drinking nearly anything. This is incredibly frustrating as I do take good care of myself and value my health, but my body responds unfavourably.

After the recent success of immediate family members seeking colon care, I took it on myself to do the same, and I am so incredibly grateful for it!

While I was rather nervous and sceptical before my initial consultation, Libby and her team made me feel incredibly welcome and talked me through the procedure. The staff made me feel very safe and calm. As I’m very inquisitive about holistic approaches to health, all of my questions were answered, and I never once felt like I was being rushed. The staff at Colon Care Centre are incredibly professional in their approach, and make the situation very comfortable and relaxing. From the moment I walked in the door, I knew I was in extremely capable hands, and their professionalism is second to none. Libby was amazingly respectful of my naivety throughout the process, and more than happy to assist throughout my consultation, even providing me with a wheat bag to make me feel more comfortable. I was pleasantly surprised to receive Probiotics at the end of my appointment, and a refreshing Aloe drink to soothe my colon too.

I am a medium build, size 10/12, and from my first session, I lost an astounding 4kg. I went into my session looking “4-5 months pregnant” due to my fluid retention and constant bloating, and left feeling quite simply amazing!

After my 2 treatments, I have noticed the following changes in my health:

70kgs to 63.5kgs (loss of 6.5kgs)
Increased energy levels
Increased mood, happiness and attention span
Sleeping more deeply, for longer and not waking in the night
Substantially reduced bloating and fluid retention
Enjoy food and appreciate eating a lot more
Learn to recognise when I am hungry and when I am full
Have a whole new outlook on life
I honestly cannot highlight how impressed I have been with my experience at Colon Care Centre. This has been life changing and I highly recommend anyone who is considering this approach to health to give it a go. I am so incredibly appreciative for the changes I have experienced, and I cannot wait to live my life with this feeling.

Your health is your most important investment, and this is one decision you will not regret! Do yourself a favour and book today. What have you got to lose?? (I had 6.5kgs!!)

Shaquelle Maybury BA; Dip Tchg

- MPS Ed

I had been struggling with serious health issues for the last four years. I contracted Chronic Hepatitis C (through a blood transfusion). I was told that without being able to get on the “Auckland Drug Trial Clinical Programme” I would have three to five years of life left, maximum! Fortunately, I was lucky enough to get on the trial programme. I was treated with extreme drugs (including Chemotherapy) to cure what once was an incurable disease. As a result of these heavy drugs, my immune system was shot and my body simply did not cope.

I was also diagnosed with Diverticulosis. Another hospital visit (number nine in 2015) a Cyst was found in my Liver. Neither the Cyst nor the Diverticulosis could be treated. My Doctor had no idea if my bowel would be able to be cured, she has already treated me without success. My serious illness was not an easy thing for me to accept, my hopes were down, yet I thought I would try one last thing; it was my only chance at not being cut open and having my body permanently changed forever, by having to have the “bag”.

I looked up ‘colon cleanse’ and found Colon Care Centre. I was in serious pain. Libby Santos was so caring and welcoming and so were all staff members. So, I started treatment. At first there were no major changes. Although everyone was attentive, and kind, I could not help but think, that maybe I really was ‘too far gone’ for these treatments to work.

I rang Libby one day to explain that I was still in chronic pain, and that my bowel had not started to move. I was crying and distressed. Libby in her usual caring, convincing manner, suggested that I could try her acupuncture with the colon cleanse. She explained her great success with this method. Reluctantly, I agreed to try acupuncture, although in the back of my mind, I was still not convinced that this would work for me.

Well, it was like a miracle! After the first acupuncture treatment, followed with a colon cleanse, I for the first time, released a lot of toxic waste. I felt better immediately. Afterwards Libby was so happy for me. We planned together several more sessions in close succession. Every time, more and more was released. Then one day, I was able to have a normal bowel movement on my own. No medication!

I still need on-going treatments; however I am no longer in chronic pain. I know now that with a little more effort and time, my bowel will return to normal. A far cry from the operation the medical professionals told me was imminent. May God Bless you Libby Santos and Colon Care Centre for the incredible work you do. Thank you - Thank you – Thank you - Arohanui xxx.

Rex Walker, Remuera

- Auckland

Dear Jenny, After 6 months attending your clinic for monthly colonic therapy and weekly infrared Saunas I would like to introduce you and your staff to the "New Me":

  • I am 6 Kilos lighter
  • My waist line has reduced 3 sizes
  • My cholesterol has reduced from over 7 to 4.2 without medication
  • My blood pressure has stabilized to 125/70 without medication
  • A constant rash I had on my forehead and down the sides of my face has gone
  • No more bloated stomach and gas
  • An overall feeling of well being and increased energy

I have suffered from ongoing heart, blood pressure and high cholesterol problems for 20 years and now feel better than I have in that time "65 is definitely the new 40".

What more can I say along with the new me and a new life style I look forward to good health and well being and a much longer life.

Finally I wish to compliment you on the very professional way your clinic is run. You are very knowledgeable, very discreet and nobody needs to be concerned or embarrassed when contemplating visiting your clinic. Give it a go and enjoy a new healthy life.

Toni Williams

- Auckland

I have been having Colonic’s with Jenny and the Colon Care Centre for 7months now. I started with the initial 4 session cleans and now have them every month. I cannot express how wonderful the facilities and the staff are. They have treated me with the upper most respect and dignity.

Any of you who are wanting to feel refreshed, have better sleeps at night, kick start and maintain weight loss, clear up your skin, or improve your moods then I recommend that you have a few colonics. I have had all these benefits plus more. I am now a healthy person in mind body and spirit. I will continue returning to the same place because of their professionalism and care for the clients, and because of the benefits that I gain for having them.

The staff make you feel comfortable and explain the procedures to you, as well as being open to answer any questions. Colonics, help to maintain a healthier you in a holistic way. I undoubtedly recommend the Colon Care Centre to anyone wanting a new you and to improve your health and wellbeing.

Thanks Jenny and all the Staff at Colon Care Centre


- Auckland

To those considering Colon Treatments.

Although I was a little apprehensive at the thought of this treatment I am so glad I have done it. Over the past 2-3 months I have lost 5kg without changing anything else in my life.

I always thought that my “muffin top” was just the figure I was blessed with. Well no longer. My jeans couldn’t stay up! Apart from that my energy levels have soared and my complexion is truly glowing. The treatment is not at all what I expected. It is totally confidential and not at all unpleasant. I would highly recommend the treatment to anyone and the Colon Care Centre! Best of luck!


- Auckland

Colonics definitely played a big contribution to healing my eczema and skin allergies. I would recommend it to anyone with skin problems to have a few colonic sessions up front and then maintain this on a monthly basis to ensure you are itch free and clear skinned.

David Elder

- Auckland, New Zealand

The first time I walked into The Colon Care Centre I was a 49 year old, 130kg stressed out over weight Executive (in one of NZ’s most successful household name companies). I’m sure I was well on my way to a heart attack or stroke, because I wasn’t feeling at all well.

Now – six months later, I’m still 49, still an Executive, but a whole 18kgs lighter, a LOT fitter, and living life the way it was meant to be. While my job is still pretty stressful at times (it’s that kind a job) personally I’m no longer at all stressed.

That first time I had a colonic though I have to say I was pretty nervous – the thought of having a pipe pushed up a certain place was pretty nerve racking. The reality though was nothing like the imagined horror. It was really nothing to write home about. The tube was about the size and length of my little finger and was no real intrusion.

The people at the Centre were very friendly and professional. They explained how the system worked and left the room while I got myself onto the table, put the tube in place and covered myself. There was NO embarrassment and very little discomfort.

The system itself is quite simple – basically, once the tube’s in place, they come back in and turn the water on. Your colon gets slowly filled with water, and you pass it naturally into a toilet that’s built into the table. It’s no big deal.

The place is extremely hygienic, and the ladies who run it are very quiet and pleasant and really make you feel at home.

After the second one I could suddenly taste food again as I began to absorb it properly. Salads and fruit started to taste fantastic, and I found I really wasn’t that interested in the junk I used to eat and drink.

If you’re reading this – stop worrying about it – just go do it – you won’t regret it.

Kerry Atma, (57)

- Auckland

After many years of excellent health I was diagnosed with lymphoma. I was given six rounds of intense chemotherapy which shrunk the tumour blocking my duodenum and bile duct and ameliorated the metastasized lymph nodes. A side effect of the chemotherapy was numbness, combined with pain upon pressure in my fingertips and toes.

I decided to try a foot detox at the Colon Care Centre, I had my hands and feet in the foot bath for half an hour. At the end of that time I estimate that the symptoms in my toes had decreased by about 50%, less numbness and less pain upon pressure. Also my feet had been very dry with patches of dead skin flaking off. This stopped following the first treatment. I was encouraged by the first treatment so had more footbaths spaced 2-4 days apart. After the third treatment my toes were almost normal. There wasn’t the same obvious effect in my hands although my little finger did lose its symptoms after the first treatment.

Colon Care Centre was responsible for this change in my general wellbeing.

I had been having acupuncture prior to and after my first two foot baths my acupuncturist noted that my meridian energy had improved and that he felt that detoxification of the digital areas in the feet and hands where the meridians begin and end, could have a beneficial effect on meridian energy.

Alcock Family

- Auckland

Alcock Family Affair

I had met Jenny Yang some years ago at the colonic clinic, using all of her facilities, Colonic Irrigation, Bio Cleanse, and Infrared Sauna all having their unique healing benefits.

In time I introduced my son who was training for a kickboxing fight in 3-4 weeks, he was stunned at the results of his bio cleanses and Infrared Saunas, I noticed his breath was sweet, skin and eyes shone. J’s energy was boundless, oh yes he won his fight… I often speak about the clinic and sang its praises to my family and friends. In time my husband started having liver problems (serious) his spleen was distended, tender he almost looked pregnant and puffy, often irritable. His temper explosive his diet was highly in processed foods- constantly drinking fizzy around the clock in time started to limp complaining that his ankle was so painful he could not walk. Visits to doctors and prescribed meds did not make a huge difference to the financial outlay. As time went by my husband’s frustration and desperation led to a teary request that I call on his behalf and make an appointment for a bio cleanse.

My jaw dropped in shock, I quickly recovered my composure and had hubby at the clinic within 24 hours - Friday afternoon an excited but cautious call came through saying, my ankle is great and I can walk on it, this is well…unbelievable, I smiled with delight. Hubby said it might not be the bio cleanse it could be the meds you know; he was still resisting this little miracle he was part of. As visits went by his weight came off very quickly, eating patterns changed, moods were better, exercise and walking became and is part of his lifestyle now. His spleen is no longer distended and sore. P walks without difficulty lets just say in a nutshell his quality of life has improved 100%. He is a believer and speaks to others about the clinic. Lastly my eldest son who is 22 years of age terribly overweight, grumpy and constantly would make remarks so cutting it could make one cry.

Headaches allergies all year round, continuous sneezing, puffy eyes, and colds, walked like an old man, bent over and sore, he would often complain of pain in his joints. Diet coke (fizzy), chocolate, junk food, no greens, very little water, hated exercise. Chef (pastry), long hours, gruelling work. He came with my hubby one morning for a bio cleanse. Jenny spoke to my son in no uncertain terms telling him his body was that of a 70 year old. He had diabetes to look forward to, crutches, blindness, this due to his bad diet etc. My son immediately had a colonic that morning- addressed his diet and started exercising, the first three weeks were difficult, but…he was determined- what a different young man he is now. Weight loss, smiles, kindness, no fiery temper outbursts, sleeps soundly, how his life should be, how he should be. His quality of self and his life has changed dramatically.

Thanks to Jenny Yang and her clinic staff and good nutritional advice.

Aggie Tomas Xoxoxox

- Auckland

My first experience with colonic irrigation was at the age of 29, I’m now 57 years. Over the years I have had the closed system; however, my first time with colon care centre and their open system has by far outshone the manual closed system.

I have been coming to colon care for about five years now and know I will never go back to the old type of colonic irrigation. This allows me the privacy and comfort when having my irrigation. The premises are extremely clean, light and cheerful. The staff are very professional helpful efficient and happy.

I cared for my demented elderly mother and even at the age of eighty two, I brought her to Jenny’s for a colonic irrigation. We all noticed the marked improvement after each colonic session. Her breathing, alertness and demeanour would be great. She would become a bundle of energy. These sessions greatly improved the quality of my mother’s life.

For myself, over the last three years of my mother’s life and caring for her and holding down a full time job, I packed on the weight. I am five foot three inches at this time I had gained so so much weight that I weighed in at 14.5 stone. Going to the doctor for my medical check my doctor told me I was in a very high category for stroke and heart problem. This shocked me into getting my act together. I started back on my colonic sessions buying two lots of the $1000 packages. I started doing a colonic a week in conjunction with the detox foot bath (another treatment I highly recommend). These treatments I can honestly say were my life saver. They kick started my body into action. It was no longer painful for me to walk, I am in menopause and my hot flushes were reduced drastically my skin cleared up and in conjunction with my exercise it made my intent to lose weight a lot easier.

I cannot truly express how grateful I am to Jenny and her marvellous caring staff for the help they have given me, my mother and some of our family, at every chance I have I try to recommend friends I know to Jenny’s Colon Care Centre.

Thanks Jenny


Barbara And Bob Hartman

It is with great delight that I recommend this colonic treatment for my elderly frail husband. He felt more clear headed which is so important as he has Alzheimer's.

Previously he had been in hospital three times with severe bloating in the bowels which was poisoning his entire system. We are very grateful to the gracious staff who are kind and supportive to the elderly. Unfortunately nobody in the entire health system ever suggested this treatment. It would have saved a lot of pain embarrassment and money if so. I am proud to say I thought of it myself.

Jos Verey, Mt Albert

- Auckland

I have had a course of colon washes over the last 2 months supervised by Jenny Yang.

I arrived at the clinic a very sick lady - I had a virus that would not go away - I was into my 6th month where my liver tests showed that my body was struggling to cope.

My work was suffering - energy levels at zero and I needed large amounts of sleep. I gained weight and was generally thinking that the good health I had enjoyed in my past life was gone forever.

The 1st colonic was not a good experience - I was very toxic and had a huge reaction as my body dumped large amounts of toxins into my blood stream - my skin was awful - lots of lumps and bumps I felt even sicker.

I was keen to stop as my tummy was so sore and swollen. Jenny kindly advised me to keep coming - not an easy decision when you are paying to feel better!!!

How ever I took Jenny's advise and after 7 colon washes I can honestly say I feel a million dollars - you really need 10 over a period of time.

My skin is glowing - weight dropping off me - energy levels amazing (doing a team triathlon at 58 years old and feel like a 40 year old).

I would like to thank you Jenny for your professional help and understanding through out this really hard period of my life.

I will take a colon wash every month to maintain this extraordinary feeling of well being.

Marian Kenny, Self-Employed

- Paparoa

Very professional treatment. Lovely facilities. I feel absolutely "light" and wonderful now. Highly recommended.

Cecilia Aquino, Lecturer

- Auckland

With my second hydrotherapy session I felt great already. I don't grasp for my breath anymore. I feel that my Asthma has gone. In terms of Jenny, she's great and very accommodating, friendly and very caring. Cheers and keep in going with your good customer care support.

Brian, Psychologist

- Auckland

I have been visiting the Colon Care Centre since I came to New Zealand in 2004. The premises, staff and service are outstanding. Coming from the States I couldn't find an open colonic system.

Colon Care Centre's open colonic system allows for a gentle release of toxins in a warm inviting environment.

Colon care is such an important element in my life as others in my family have had medical problems with this. I really believe in the system as an aid to my health and a preventative measure from garnering any illnesses.

I would highly recommend visiting the Colon Care Centre, their amazing staff and facility. The process is relaxed, comfortable and when I am finished, I feel amazing.

Telaina Salmon

- Auckland

I have always had a 'sluggish bowel' and constipation was something I watched for in my body. After traveling to UK for 4 months upon returning I felt very 'full'. I know I needed some help for a big cleanout.

It has not been easy for me to have the treatments - I was so very toxic and Jenny did not think I would return after my first treatment. (I felt as if I had been run over by a bus!) I continued and I have noticed mayor changes in my body:

  • I don't look 8 months pregnant with bloating and abdominal distension - size 16 down to size 14
  • Gone were my headaches, body odor and morning bad breath
  • My energy and mental alertness improved
  • My period was less painful
  • I no longer want nor like coffee
  • I can HEAR when my body is satisfied after a meal so I am no longer over eating
  • My bowel is re-learning how to function

I work in a caring profession - talking others to take care of themselves. Now I am taking care of me.

This has been one of the most helpful things I have done for my health. And the team are kind, caring and professional. I felt safe and supported at all times.


Jeanne Parker, Banker

- Auckland

After being in and out of hospital, over a period of 4 years with endometriosis that resulted in a full hysterectomy my body had changed - with all the drugs from surgery and after. Then my body went from producing estrogen to producing none, and the piece de resistance the HRT patch.

I gained over 20 kilos and my bowel danced to a tune of it's own, it would come to the party, or decided to party too hard and a lot of time it just decided to stay at home and not come out at all. I tried most at home remedies, 5 kiwifruits a day, herbal teas, Metamucil. In desperation I took laxatives and needless to say I became reliant or couldn't function without them. I would say that I pretty much invested heavily in the company that manufactures Dulcolax, it got to the stage where I was taking up to 7 a day.

It was a routine check up with my doctor that a recommendation was made to come and see the Colon Care Centre. It was different to the others I had been to. The atmosphere here was professional with a little bit of fun. Jenny and the team make you feel comfortable and the whole experience is relaxing and literally a load off your mind.

I have been a regular here with Jenny and the team for the past 3 years and credit the clinic with improving my health and helping me on my way to gaining control over my weight. It's not the miracle cure at all but with the regular weekly sessions I feel energized, cleansed and in control of my bowel. I am more aware of what to eat and although I may choose the unhealthy option sometimes, I guess you gotta break out occasionally. Or as Jenny says you gotta live a little or it's not going to be fun.

I recommend the Colon Care Centre to friends and family, some have taken it up and some show interest but are either scared or embarrassed. I say it's neither and would invite you to give it a try. It has worked very well for me.

Edgar Hayes, Engineer

- Auckland

After my first couple of colon treatments, I realized they were doing something worthwhile for me. I noticed:

My bowel movements were greatly improved (no more diarrhoea or mucus in my stools).

I was able to better tolerate my heavy metal detox treatment.

I noticed improvements in my skin and eyes; they don't seem to be as dry. This is something I would recommended that everyone try, especially if they suffer with chronic conditions. I should have been doing this in my whole life.

Emma, Barrister

- Auckland

I was recently diagnosed with Crohn's disease and suffered with intense bloating and cramping sensations on a regular basis. I had tried all of the prescribed medications but nothing seemed to work to reduce the discomfort. I had read about colon hydrotherapy but had no idea what it really involved.

After an initial consultation with the Colon Care Centre during which the procedure was explained to me in detail, I decided to give it a try. After having only three sessions of colonic hydrotherapy I have already feel much better. The bloating and cramping sensations have subsided and I no longer feel so uncomfortable. At the moment I am having two sessions of colonic hydrotherapy per week to eliminate all of the toxins and waste from my body.

I feel much healthier than I have ever done in a long time and I can start to enjoy life again. I have also noticed such a difference in my skin; it is no longer dry and sore. My skin feels softer and moist. I have also started to lose weight and can really feel the difference. My sleep is better and I am no longer tired during the day. I have much more energy. The medical professionals are so pleased at my progress and could not believe the difference in such a short time. I no longer need a colonoscopy and have been able to stop the prescribed medication. There is no reason to be worried, the hydrotherapy procedure is comfortable, dignified and modesty is retained at all times. I can not thank the Colon Care Centre enough.

Jan Stevenson

- Whangarei, 09-4363317, Golden Winged Lion

Jenny and the staff in Colon Care Centre have a calm gentle manner; they are caring and will help you through this process. My sight, clarity of mind, energy and wellbeing are greatly improved. You just feel clean. Your taste improves, your skin feel's smoother.

When you get on the scale's you then realise the extra weight you've lost, wow great. You can't help but feel motivated to work on levels of health and body, after a hydro colonic.

Lanell Monreal, Teacher

- Auckland

A very good experience, I had six colonics, one week apart and now if I get a little blocked I can really feel it. I've had a history of a sluggish bowel even with 2-3 litres of water a day and raw food. My bowel now is functioning very well. I have also changed to an amazing osteopath who has managed to stretch my spine. The combination of osteopath and colonics have been excellent (Before every time I went to an osteopath I become blocked) Jenny, thank you, your attention is wonderful.

Julia Popata, Social Worker

- Auckland

Since having the colonic I have felt 120%. My skin has become more softer and complexion better, in the past it was dark especially around my eyes. "Now they have gone away". With the 1st session I noticed a dramatic change or loss in my weight, I lost 5kgs unbelievable you may think but it's real.

In terms of my eating habit since the 1st on up until the 3rd session I have become more conscious about what I eat especially the red meat. I have lost all cravings for sweet things (Dairy Milk Chocolate). My energy levels are more full on than have ever encountered in a long while. My children also say that I am not so grumpy and agitated than I was even more my whanau can notice that I have lost weight (no bloated stomach) and glowing. To Jenny & the staff you are all truly inspiring, friendly, and humorous and last but not least very caring.

B Laboyrie, Retired

- Auckland

I am very impressed with the treatment and pleasant surroundings of this Colon Clinic. Also my health and general feeling have been enormously improved. This has happened in the first few weeks already. Staff relationship is fantastic. You will be coming back in regular sessions.

Video Testimonials

Rex Walker
Amy Boyer
Roberta Flack Endorses

During her 2009 NZ tour Roberta Flack (the famous American R&B singer, "Killing Me Softly With His Song") used our services several times. We happily remained open late on Saturday and Sunday morning to allow her to get 3 treatments before heading back to New York.

Roberta was extremely impressed with our system and asked if we could open a clinic in New York so Roberta and her celebrity associates could use our method of colon care treatment. We are certainly thrilled with Roberta's endorsement of our clinic.

Here is Roberta Flack's testimonial:

Dearest Jenny, my experience with you was so good and so good for me. The technique and equipment you use for internal cleansing is so important. I have been enjoying colon therapy for 25 years and never experienced anything like what you offer. May you continue to heal and save lives.