walk in the beach

Energy Cleansing

When you are feeling tired or moody or sluggish, that means your energy system is not flowing right in your body. This may imply that there are blockages in your energy system (toxins) which need to be cleaned. The best way to clean your energy blockages and get your energy up and improve your mood is to have a colon cleansing.

If you can’t come to our Colon Care Centre for your colonic, you can do several things to clean your energy system.

Here are some tips to boost your energy: swim in the sea, walk bare feet on grass and/or on the beach for 20 minutes, hug a tree for few minutes, let mother earth help you cleanse and support your energy system.

If those actions do not work for you, then you will need to come to us for colonic cleansing and Acupuncture to improve your energy.